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By contributing to these projects, whether you have just a few hours or can dedicate more time as a volunteer, you play a vital role in driving meaningful change. Every contribution, no matter the hours, makes a difference in raising awareness, conducting research, advocating for policy changes, and engaging with communities.


Join us in making a lasting impact by utilising your time, skills, and passion to advance the cause of universal internet access for all global citizens.



Join our team of passionate individuals dedicated to raising awareness about the issue of internet poverty. Together, we will develop impactful campaigns, organise events, and leverage social media platforms to shed light on the challenges faced by those without access to the internet. Through our collective efforts, we can educate and inspire others to take action and advocate for universal internet access.



Make a difference at the grassroots level by engaging with local communities. Join us in organising events, workshops, and outreach activities to connect with individuals who lack internet access or digital skills. Through community engagement, we will empower people with information, provide support, and foster digital literacy to bridge the digital divide. Together, we can create a lasting impact within our own communities.



Become a vital part of our research team, where we delve into the sociological impacts of internet access and gather qualitative and quantitative data. Engage with local communities or tap into your network to gather insights and experiences, helping us understand the realities of internet poverty. By analysing and reporting these findings, we will amplify the voices of those affected and provide valuable evidence to drive change.



Collaborate with think tanks, research institutes, and community organisations as part of our team focused on engaging with key stakeholders. Through partnerships and advocacy, we will work towards shaping policies, influencing decision-makers, and fostering a collective understanding of the importance of internet access. By connecting with these influential bodies, we can drive systemic change and ensure that internet access is recognised as a fundamental human right.



If you have a passion for writing and research, join our team to craft compelling articles and reports highlighting the significance of internet access as a human right. Through your words, you can help us communicate complex topics in an accessible manner, raising awareness about internet poverty and advocating for policy changes. Your contributions will inspire readers and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on this critical issue.



Step into the realm of advocacy and policymaking, where your voice and expertise will make a significant impact. Join our team to monitor policies, develop recommendations, engage with policymakers, and advocate for recognising internet access as a human right. Through your involvement, we will work towards creating an enabling environment that promotes universal internet access, bridging the gap between those who have access and those who do not.

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