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Make the internet accessible for all

Internet Human Rights

With so much of our lives taking place online, it is only fitting that we develop subsequent human rights to match this digital transformation.

Did you know? 


  • 1 in 5 households in England had no internet access during the pandemic. The gap between rich and poor students aged 16 to 19 was previously narrowing, but “completely reversed” during the pandemic. 

  • Two-thirds of young people globally lack internet access.

  • 2.2 billion young people lack stable internet access needed for online learning.

  • Creator of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee, estimates an investment of $428 billion over the next decade is estimated to be required to provide quality internet access to young people worldwide.

  • Job listings related to "big data" and "cloud" increased by 57% in 2021 compared to 2020, yet by 2030, it's predicted that two-thirds of the UK workforce could lack basic digital skills, despite 75% of jobs requiring advanced digital skills. But how will our young people today fill those roles if many lack basic digital literacy? 

  • 43% of lower-income adults in the US have no access to home broadband.


If many of the G7’s citizens lack internet access, how can the less wealthy nations ever hope to succeed?

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Our mission is to establish internet access as an inherent human right.


Here's how we strive to achieve this goal:

  1. Increasing awareness about internet inequality and poverty: We aim to educate and inform individuals about the disparities in internet access and the resulting social and economic consequences.

  2. Conducting research on the sociological impacts of the internet: We actively engage in researching the profound effects the internet has on society, and we share our findings through publications to promote understanding and action.

  3. Engaging local councillors, governments, and think tanks: We collaborate with and appeal to local representatives, governmental bodies, and influential think tanks to advocate for policies and initiatives prioritising universal internet access.

  4. Collaborating with NGOs for global internet accessibility: We work hand in hand with other non-governmental organisations to enhance internet accessibility globally, fostering partnerships and implementing effective strategies.


Join us in our efforts to make universal internet access a fundamental human right, empowering individuals and communities worldwide.

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We are actively seeking volunteers in the following areas:

  1. Research and Writing: Help us delve into the impact of internet access by conducting research and writing articles or studies that shed light on its societal implications. Your contributions will contribute to a better understanding of the significance of internet access as a human right.

  2. Local Advocacy: Join us in advocating for internet access in your local area. Engage with councillors, Members of Parliament (MPs), and other local representatives to raise awareness about the importance of universal internet access and urge them to take action.

  3. Global Support: Support our global cause by contributing your time and skills. Together, we can work towards improving internet accessibility globally, ensuring that individuals and communities worldwide have equal opportunities to connect and thrive.

If you're passionate about promoting internet access as a human right, we welcome you to check our projects and  join our team of volunteers.

Together, we can make a difference in bridging the digital divide and creating a more inclusive society.

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